April 2016 Contact Log

(Prayer: Heavenly Father, even if I'm not in a full-time-ministry, I know that You want me to share biblical truth with the people I come in contact with. Lord give me wisdom and boldness to testify what Jesus has done in my life. Amen)

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Apr 5, 2016

Today I picked up my grandson from karate class. While I was waiting for him I watch a lady begin to help some young children with their school work. This lady was a former school teacher working at the karate school.

While she was talking I had an opportunity to talk with her about FineTunedUniverse.com and that I had recently added 25 free lessons that deny evolution taught in public schools as a science but in fact is a false religion.

She listened to me as did the 3 children standing nearby. She agreed that it was taught in public schools and thanked me for giving her a card about my website.

I have had many opportunities to give out my website cards and most of the time as I do others hear me say some words explaining what the site is about.  So I not only give out the card but others nearby hear me talk about the fine tuned universe website.  I usually say that the universe is extremely fine tuned for life more that I ever could have imagined. Lately I also tell them about the 25 free lessons that deny the lie of evolution. I wear a ball cap that has the website address on it also, www.FineTunedUniverse.com. Most of the time people don't see the website on my hat so if I am in a checkout line etc I will ask them, "did you notice my website on my hat?" most say no but it a good way to promote finetuneduniverse.com

Apr 9, 2016

I went to a near by town to hear a dedication ceremony of a new downtown street.  At the opening of the dedication ceremony the mayor said a prayer and it contained the words, In the beginning God created the universe.

I was blessed to hear a public official say a prayer in public and proclaim God created the universe. 

After the dedication ceremony I talked with the Mayor and told him, "I heard you".  I thanked him for his prayer to God and acknowledging God created everything as the Bible says in Gen 1:1.

I told him about my website FineTunedUniverse.com and ask him to visit this website that refutes evolution and declares that God Created the universe in 6 days. He said that he would check out the new 25 free lessons that explain why evolution is a lie.

(I noticed a young man who reminded me of my son Matthew. I have not seen my son in over a year and a half. Please pray for my son that he will repent, ask God for forgiveness and trust in Jesus. I pray for him everyday. I am trusting in Jesus concerning my son Matthew.)

I also gave out several other cards about my website to other people. It was another blessed day from God.

Apr 10, 2016

I had an errand to run to another nearby city today and I passed a building that housed retired people downtown.

I had an idea to maybe give some of my cards to the residents inside. I was able to park nearby. Soon I walked to the front door of the building but it was locked and had a security code that needed to be entered for access.

As I turned around to leave a woman who had been talking to a person in a car nearby passed by me. I ask her if the people in the building had internet access. She said of course. Then I explained that I wanted to make my website cards available to the residents.

She took about 25 of my cards as she entered a code for the building and said she would put them on the counter for all.

It was perfect timing and NO accident that the woman met me at the door. It was another blessing from God.

Apr 18, 2016

This morning I was talking to a lady about a new (PDF Book) that was added to my website:

I knew she was a former teacher so I began talking to her about the new book. She had previsously indicated that she was a christian when we had talked before.

I was startled to her say she believed in evolution. She mentioned something about the meaning of the word "day" in Genesis.

She thought the word day didn't mean a 24 hour time period but possibly millions of years. I told her I believed the word "day" means a 24 hour period and that God Created everything in 6 literal 24 hour period days. I had a copy of the Creation Answers Book and gave her the book to read.

She like many others are confused, deceived or uninformed about what exactly the meaning of the word "day" means in Genesis.

Please read the Creation Answers Book and become informed about what exactly the "word" day means in Genesis.

Also watch this concise video explaination of where the millions of years idea of creation came from. EVOLUTION'S MILLIONS OF YEARS OF CREATION DISPROVED AND REFUTED!

Apr 22, 2016

I was talking to a lady about her recent field trip with some children out in the woods with a "guide". She was excited to have heard an owl making a sound. She asked the guide what it was and he said, IT WAS A WOODPECKER ?!?!?

I told her I never heard of a woodpecker that sounds like an owl. She said that she didn't think the "guide" was correct.

After I got home I looked up some information about owls and found out there is an owl that sounds a little like a woodpecker. It is the male screech owl. It EATS small birds of prey including woodpeckers. Just because there is an owl that sounds a little like a woodpecker don't get confused and really think there is a "Woodpecker Owl".

Have you ever heard of or seen a woodpecker owl?  No you have not. You would stop and think how silly the idea is and how it is NOT LOGICAL.

My point is people who teach evolution will tell you its possible that a woodpecker could evolve into an  owl over "millions of years" and become a "woodpecker owl" that sounds a little like a woodpecker on the basis of a fossil alone.

If you stop and THINK about  the "millions of years" and how silly and  illogical the idea is you begin to understand its no different that a "woodpecker owl" that makes NO sense.

Talking with this lady gave me an idea to make a webpage about "Woodpecker Owls".

Read about "Woodpecker Owls"   its a HOOT!

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