Atheists' Creation Story

(Evolutionary beliefs are maintained by censorship and are effective propaganda that pollutes the minds of children and adults. I agree, popular TV science programmes almost always presents the secular view of evolution as fact. Evolution is a lie that is built on other lies. Alternative Creation views are not allowed in universities and public schools. That is why it is so important for believers to teach children and other people the truth about evolution.  Evolution = Millions Of Years + Your Imagination)

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The atheists’ creation story


The General Theory of Evolution (GTE) is the atheists’ creation story. As with the Bible, it begins with creatio ex nihilo (creation from nothing)—and in the atheists’ view there really was nothing (and certainly no God) to act as first cause. The big bang, they say, produced the universe all by itself. Then, billions of years later we’re told, the first life formed spontaneously in some chemical soup and, without any help, evolved into all the plants and animals found on Earth today—including us.

Contrary to impressions given by the media, never before has there been so much evidence challenging this story. Such are the problems secular cosmologists have in trying to make their big bang models work, they end up making desperate appeals to the most unscientific notions imaginable. For example, in December 2014, top cosmologist Lee Smolin published a book suggesting that the only way to solve the big bang’s many scientific problems is to argue that the laws of physics were different in the past. So, when the facts don’t fit their creation story, secular scientists must turn to alternative ‘scientific laws’ drawn from their imaginations.

Similarly, leading origin of life researchers, such as Paul Davies and Stuart Kauffman, readily admit that no observed natural processes can produce life from non-life. Unperturbed, however, they do the same as the secular cosmologists—they take a gigantic leap of blind faith and believe that the required natural processes existed anyway and, for some reason, we just haven’t yet discovered them. Richards Dawkins is adamant that, once first life formed, Darwin’s theory can explain how this could have evolved into people. But why then are leading biologists such as James Shapiro and Stuart Newman quietly looking for alternative theories?

Faith masquerading as science

All this demonstrates a commitment not to science, but to a worldview that excludes God from one’s thinking, i.e. to philosophical naturalism—the doctrine that everything, including the origins of the universe and life, can be explained entirely by natural processes. It’s an ideology which is neither scientific (arising from blind faith rather than observations) nor necessary for scientific progress, as CMI has pointed out many times before.

The magnitude of the problems with the GTE are hidden from the general public, with popular science programmes almost always peddling the secular view as fact. At the same time, creation scientists are never given a realistic opportunity to present an alternative view. In universities, even non-creationists who dare to inform students of problems with Darwin’s theory can find themselves out of a job.6 In UK state-funded schools, Government regulations now prohibit the presentation of Intelligent Design or Creation as views which are supported by evidence.

The antidote—promoting true science

All this makes our youngsters very vulnerable. ‘Scientific’ explanations for the GTE can appear very convincing when only the evidence supporting this view is presented. In Proverbs 18:17, we read, “He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.” How much more so when nobody with contrary evidence is allowed to speak?

Evolutionary beliefs are maintained by censorship—and with great effect.

Christians, however, are not without resources to counter this secular onslaught. Our website ( has over 9,000 articles demonstrating the clear superiority of the biblical worldview over and against that of the secularists. Moreover, month by month more evidence challenging evolutionary beliefs is uncovered and Creation magazine puts this directly into subscribers’ hands, enabling us to “destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:4–5).

The Creation Answers Book

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 Elementary Evolution Math Does Not Compute!

(Consider the odds of a very very simple 200 part organism "evolving" successfully. Its an impossibility as is evolution.)

Evolution is elementary on the surface. It is referred to in current media as elementary evolution. The most rudimentary aspects of the subject of evolution always includes the millions of years time line that atheists expect you to accept with out question even though statistics show evolution is a mathematical impossibility.

Evolutionists only want you to hear key words like, evolve and millions of years without thinking about how this could happen. Don't just accept the millions of years timeline without question.

Evolution = Millions Of Years + Your Imagination