Today I read and article about:

NASA plan to save Mankind from Yellowstone supervolcano eruption

I knew they had plans to "save the earth" from asteroids and comets but I didn't know they had plans to cause a volcanic eruption through their own ignorance.

There is a NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defence. Sounds like something out of science fiction because they plan to "save the earth" by possibly causing a volcano to erupt while trying to relieve volcanic pressure. To me this is even more insane than trying to "save the planet" because they think mankind is destroying it through global warming, which is a total myth that can't be validated by real science.

The article says the earth has 20 known supervolcanoes, which if they erupted, would trigger planet-changing effects. This is where again the millions of years myth is used to pluck a number out of the air that sounds good to help the evolutionists theory that a volcano in yellowstone is about to erupt again just because its time for it to do so. Secular scientists indicate the last one approximately 26,500 years ago.

How did they come up with this number? It was just made up out of thin air to fit their hypothesis or proposed explanation for a phenomenon.

Evolution secular scientists explain, “Yellowstone explodes roughly every 600,000 years, and it is about 600,000 years since it last exploded, which should cause us to sit up and take notice.”  Here we go again with the number just plucked out of thin air to make their hypothesis sound more creditable.


A NASA plan to stop the Yellowstone supervolcano from erupting is total nonsense and dangerous.

Atheists/secular scientists's egos are so big they actually think mankind can control volcanoes and the earth's climate through man's vain efforts/ theories and or hypothesis.

The more secular scientists "think" they know about something is actually a stumbling block to their atheistic belief in evolution and its varies theories of everything.

In other words the "smarter" they get the more ignorant the become.

Article by Bill Rains


Volcanoes of the Past

by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

Article credit

During the great Flood of Noah’s day, God unleashed His great power, exercising His righteous judgment on the wicked and violent civilization that had rejected Him. He promised not only to judge sinful man, but also to judge the earth (Genesis 6:13). All of Adam’s dominion (Genesis 1:26) came under the sin penalty because of his choice to reject God’s kingship over creation. By the time of Noah’s day, rebellion had increased so much that God finally enacted His just penalty for sin (Romans 6:23). He sent the worldwide Flood to punish the wicked world, purge the entire planet, and start over with the descendants of righteous Noah.

The Flood primarily involved hydraulic processes, with rainfall pummeling the earth for 150 days (Genesis 7:11-8:4). The “fountains of the great deep” also broke open, spewing onto the surface of the earth huge volumes of water, magma, and whatever else was beneath the earth’s crust. “Fountains” suggest tectonic activity as well, both on land and under water.

Through an understanding of today’s volcanic eruptions, we can better comprehend those of the past. However, the rock record of the past suggests that yesterday’s volcanoes were evidently “supervolcanoes,” accomplishing geologic work hardly comparable to those we currently observe.

If we plot the volume of ash and lava extruded by volcanoes throughout history—comparing Vesuvius (79 A.D.) and Krakatoa (1883) to more recent volcanoes, such as Mount St. Helens (1980) and Pinatubo (1991)—we come to the conclusion that the earth processes are quieting down.

Then if we plot the materials blown out by volcanoes that erupted during the great Flood and soon thereafter (inferred only from the materials left behind), then we conclude an exponential decline in the power of earth’s volcanoes over time. Flood volcanoes were many times greater than those recently witnessed.

Earth underwent a complete tectonic restructuring during the great Flood, with supervolcanoes, mega-earthquakes, supercurrents of flowing water and mud, and hypercanes. All of these exhibit a similar exponential decline in intensity.

Thankfully, we do not witness comparable events, and God promised we wouldn’t, but by studying the impact of the great Flood we can begin to understand how much God hates sin. Likewise, we can surmise the nature of the coming judgment, when the earth will pass away and be replaced by the new earth (2 Peter 3:10-13).

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