Magic Is About Power And Rebellion

Magic, at its root, is about power and rebellion.

Make no mistake about it, magic and sorcery are spiritual. What many people do not understand is that magic is a kind of spiritual lust.

The point to remember is that role-playing is a major and effective way to teach people new ways of thinking and acting. This is used to teach children evolution.

Characters may get to choose various magical tools: spells, charms, wands, talismans, potions - plus magical versions of most weapons. If you know the right technology (spell, ritual, incantation, etc.), the universe must respond. Magic can be as complicated or as simple as the magician wishes.

Magic is an occult tool. Simple magic tricks are NOT harmless. An occult ritual can be disguised as a "harmless" magic trick.  (To see example scroll down.)


New Age Toys that promote the lie of evolution

Toy after toy is designed to introduce young children's minds to New Age and occult ideas and symbols. There are stickers depicting occult creatures, and New Age and Satanic symbols, robot mechanical toys that represent the dark forces of evil, and a wide selection of toys that are emblazoned with New Age Satanic symbols. Popular fantasy games created for children embody Satanic symbols, and instill occult and esoteric teachings into the minds of the young.

Role playing games, most video games, assign children roles as deities, demigods, and demons and give instructions on casting spells and using magic circles, Satanic pentagrams, and occultic triangles. Tarot cards, runes and the ouija board have Satanic and New Age themes.

The time a child spends playing with toys is essential to the fullest development of the child's mind, body and spirit. The selection of the right toys is therefore, extremely important.

Young children in particular, need to direct their games themselves. They use play to work out problems or troubling situations.

There was a time in our society when a child's play time revolved around innocent handmade toys. The latest trend in licensing is to release a line of toys at the same time a movie appears in theaters or a new cartoon premiers.

Imaginative play that is not focused on exploring the real world, but on exploring the mystical world, is called vain imagination. When involved in vain imaginative play, children often exalt themselves above God, by pretending to be characters which they believe to be more powerful than Jesus.

By the time the child is a teen, unless his parents have instilled Christian values in him, he will have more knowledge of the occult than he will have of God.

In early days, parents considered the ark an educational toy. It allowed a child to play, yet taught a Bible story. It was one of the few toys allowed on Sunday. Many communities in early America practiced a strict observance of Sunday with fines imposed for Sabbath-breaking. To play with a toy on the Sabbath was forbidden. Yet, the ark was allowed because parents considered it Bible study. For this reason, the ark was called the Lord's Day Toy.

A Noah's Ark Mail Box is A Visual Presentation of Creation

The mailbox ark example can be a wonderful testimony to God's grace in your front yard proclaiming the gospel to those who are lost and in darkness.   (Use to make a "Lords Day Toy" also for your children of any size using the scale conversion calculator.)

The Ark represents salvation. It did to Noah and his family and it is an example for us. Our ark of salvation is Jesus. Trust in him before the flood comes which is death. If you wait to trust in Jesus as your Saviour, the flood waters of death may consume you and then it will be eternally to late! The 2nd Death   (Sermon Text)     The Eternity Of Hell's Torments   (Audio) (MP3)

When parents give a child a toy and say, Go play, they are encouraging isolation in play. Toys train children's minds and habituate them to solitary, impersonal activity. However, too much solitary play inhibits a child's ability to interact with others and develop into a well-rounded individual who is able to adjust to society.

Before you buy a toy, study it. Then decide if that toy's symbols are in line with the Scriptures. Young children are fascinated by that which puzzles or even frightens them the most. For some children, playing with a grotesque two-headed monster may represent a compelling fascination that induces anxiety for him.


Today, toy companies are sharing the cost of creating cartoons and movies featuring the toys in their product lines. Cartoon writers and toy designers now collaborate efforts to release toys simultaneously. In fact, almost every cartoon released today is connected with a toy.

Children seldom go away from the TV without humming a tune, chanting a phrase or suffering from the I wants triggered by one of the numerous advertisements that they saw during their favorite programs. No one can sit down and watch any half-hour of cartoons or prime-time programming targeted for children without being shown at least a dozen toys that you not only deserve, but need to feel good and have a pleasant life.

Violence in cartoons is changing the way that children play. Studies show that there is an increase in hitting, kicking, choking, throwing, holding other children down, and pushing and hurting animals. Television generally does not give much credence to Christian beliefs or concepts. Television gives credence to the occult and psychic power by presenting it and not trying to disprove it. Many shows, especially cartoons, are saturated with the occult. Children see the occult as being all powerful and real.

Next to parents, television is the most important teacher that a child has. This is because of the massive amount of time that children spend in front of the television set.

Until a child is about seven years-old, he sees television as being a form of the real world. He or she has no concept of fantasy and reality unless parents remind the child what they are watching is not real. A child views everything in a very literal sense. Since children view television as reality, they are growing up thinking that what they see on tv is real. They are seeing that aggression or some form of perversion is ok or normal. Children believe to be real, any event they see on TV that could happen in real life. As a result they are more vulnerable to the social message of television. Evolutionist's and those that promote gender change or homosexuality know this.

Star Trek Deception 

By the age of two or three, most children regularly watch 26-33 hours of television each week. 98 percent of all households have at least one TV turned on an average of 6 hours per day.

Whether prime-time TV, Saturday morning and after-school cartoons and shows, or big screen novels, nowhere can safety be found for the children.


Parents have to learn to recognize what Satan wants to teach the children. They have to become knowledgeable in the occult teachings that the New Age wants to bring on the world. Parents, grandparents, educators and pastors need to discern the spirit of the times, walk in the light, repel the darkness and take a well-informed stand for God's truth in our day. This includes being able to refute the lie of evolution using and other creation websites.

Any time the dark side of the supernatural world is presented as harmless or even imaginary, there is the danger that children will become curious and find too late that witchcraft is neither harmless nor imaginary. In a culture with an obvious trend toward witchcraft and New Age ideology, parents need to consider the effects that these ideas may have on young and impressionable minds.

Studies report that children are less aggressive when raised in a warm, loving atmosphere. Parents who tend to be cold and stand-offish or rejecting with children will produce more hostile offspring.

Parental influence is the primary influence. Many parents are often too busy to spend a great deal of time with their children. As a result, children learn through other sources. Remember, the most important word in family board game is family. What your children need much more, than ten different games from which to choose, is a parent with whom to play. Give of you time to your children.

People are rewarded for putting aside their marriages, children, families, communities and churches in favor of the public worlds of work and success. Toys are a bulwark against the many forces of modern society that threaten to tear families apart.

Thus, parents often use toys to remind family members of the togetherness they wish to preserve.

Although parents give toys to children to restore strained social bonds and to insure togetherness, the family rarely spends much time playing together. The parent who gets down on the floor to play with a child on Christmas is doing something that will seldom be repeated throughout the year.

Remember that the battle being waged for the minds of today's children is a spiritual one, in which Christians are facing forces of darkness in a world that is clearly anti-Christian.

The most important thing to remember is that parents must be involved in this issue with their children. They should not simply tell their children, It's about witchcraft, and that's against the Bible, so you can't read it. Such a rigid, non-informative approach may simply leave a child with no real answers for themselves or others. Parents should give examples of why the harry potter books, tv, videos, games etc are unbiblical and explain why God is against these things both from a spiritual and moral perspective.

Giving toys should never be a substitute for yourself. If you give a child an excessive amount of toys without giving personal time, your child will know it. Children can easily become demanding and self-centered as a result of not getting what they really want - your undivided attention.

A child is happy to have a parent to play with, but the adult must refrain from structuring the child's play. If a parent can enter into the child's activity on his level, play can be enhanced. But, the child must lead the way with the toy. A parent must be there only to explain, elaborate or show the child things about the toy.

It is suprising how many Christians are deceived concerning the dangers of witchcraft or magic. Parents especially need to learn about witchcraft and the New Age movement.

There are perhaps five to seven million active witches in America today and another thirty-five million or so persons who have studied or dabbled in witchcraft. Satan wants to control children from the womb and cradle to the grave, using various types of media , destroy faith in Jesus, take your children from you, abuse the children, give them an unholy childhood, rob their brains in the classrooms, and guide the children into hard-core devil worship and witchcraft.

Satan's plan promotes New Age movement and religion, rituals, idolatry, reincarnation, fantasy books and games, white magic, black magic, sorcery, shamanism, polytheism, occult symbols, objects and idols, psychology, UFO's and extra terrestrials, witchcraft and Satan worship, astrology and horoscope, tarot card reading, ouija boards, palm readings, fire-walking, seances, mediums, spirit channeling, holistic medicine, physical tests and sports, and guided imagery and visualization.

Basically these are occultic rituals, beliefs, practices, artifacts and objects including butchery, violence and sex. Shows are full of sexual license, magic, sorcery, and Satanic violence and evil. Satan and the New Age Plan are after the children, especially children of Christian parents. They want to destroy Christianity from humanity.

There is much more to "magic" than meets the eye. It can be a way to deceive your child.

Simple "magic" tricks should not be thought of as harmless.

An example is my grandson telling me about something that happened in his 3rd grade classroom. He said a teacher balanced a pencil and told the children to chant a name over and over. I think the name was george or something. While they were chanting the lights were cut off.

My granson said that the lights were cut off eariler for something else but were left off.

She told the children that the pencil would move to one side or the other after the students chanted george.

It was very strange to me for my grandson to also ask me if something could be made to move in his room if he just thought about it enough.

Sounds harmless right?

No I don't think so.

The teacher was knowingly or unknowling was teaching the children the occult tool of magic by demostrating how to perform a "spell" and chanting in the dark!

Its very important to talk to your child every day and find out what they did in school.

You might just find out your child is being taught a seemigly "harmless" magic trick that is actually an occult ritual disguised as a MAGIC TRICK!

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