Did man and dinosaurs live together?

Shadow Of Disbelief    (Article Credit  Creation.com)

Where young children are concerned. We have to remember not only to teach the history contained within the Bible but also, in a world of disbelief and rejection, how to defend it. The question is really: Did we tell them a nice story, or did we teach it as history and attempt to answer the relevant questions at the same time? For example: Did man and dinosaurs live together? How did dinosaurs fit into Noah’s Ark? Are there any examples of people depicting dinosaurs, such as in ancient artwork? Why are there no dinosaurs alive now?

CMI’s recent documentary, Fallout!, effectively highlights this point. Students who had their questions answered when attending church at home are the ones who are still attending church now. In this modern era, with the internet and a wealth of great creation resources, questions about dinosaurs and the Bible are easily answered (see Dinosaur Questions and Answers). CMI have produced many articles highlighting depictions of dinosaurs drawn by people throughout the ages, such as the sauropods on Bishop Bell’s tomb in Carlisle Cathedral, England, or the Stegosaurus-lookalike on a stone carved pillar in Ankgor Wat, Cambodia. There is also a plethora of articles on soft tissue, proteins, and even DNA, found in dinosaur bones (see here and its ‘related articles’ links)—all of which blows completely out of the water the idea that they are millions of years old! Among that wealth of resources, CMI’s book, Exploring Dinosaurs With Mr Hibb, is a wonderful source of information for inquisitive young (and older!) minds looking to understand more about dinosaurs and the Bible. The reality is, that with such helpful resources readily available, there need be no ‘shadow of disbelief’ hanging over any child.


We hear and see it everywhere. Via newspapers, radio broadcasts, television documentaries, museum displays, university courses, school textbooks, and even in picture books for toddlers, the message is unrelenting: ‘millions of years ago there was an “age of dinosaurs”, but they became extinct long before man appeared on this planet’.

However, a straightforward reading of the Bible contradicts this utterly. Dinosaurs were created by God alongside man (Genesis 1:24–31) only around 6,000 years ago, and as there was no death before Adam sinned (Genesis 2:16–17; 3:6), humans and dinosaurs once lived together, in recent history.

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Dinosaurs and humans -- did they live together? -- Creation Magazine LIVE! (2-09)


What fossil evidence supports dinosaurs and humans living at the same time? Do scientists ever find dinosaurs buried with animals that were not supposed to have evolved yet? The answer to both questions is yes. Watch this interesting video about Dinosaurs and humans -- did they live together?  Yes.

What about dinosaurs?

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