March 2016 Contact Log

(Prayer: Heavenly Father, even if I'm not in a full-time-ministry, I know that You want me to share biblical truth with the people I come in contact with. Lord give me wisdom and boldness to testify what Jesus has done in my life. Amen)    is also

Mar 5, 2016

I had the opportunity to talk with 3 or 4 people. One of the persons ask me where I could be contacted if he had any questions about what was on  I gave him my main email address to contact me if he had a question.

I talked with another person who thanked me for giving him a card and said he would inform his mother in that she was into spiritual things. While talking with him I was able to convey some of the gospel to him while talking about my website.

I also talked with a couple of other people who took my card, seemed interested and said they would check it out.

Most people take my card after an initial short conversation. I say, "I would liketo give you a card about my website that talks about God's Creation".

Sometimes I can add an anecdote about a past conversation about my website. For instance I was giving out my website information card and recalled how I asked a waitress if she had ever heard of the term "the big bang", she had not. She was busy so I could not have explained the term like I wanted to but I did ask her to watch the video by Spike Psarris called "The Big Bang Never Happened". I also had the opportunity to enform her of other information on We had a good conversation. She said she only got paid $2.33 an hour as a waitress. I did know it was low but I did not know it was that low. She worked hard and deserved a good tip. She said she had been working 7 days straight about 13 hours a day because they were short on help. I had a good meal and was able again to convey information about my website that would be of interest to her.

Most people know something about what the "big bang" term is but others are confused as to its meaning. Some just think its a TV series. Others know it it just an atheist's theory of creation that is nonsense.

Very few people don't take a card. One man took my card, looked at it real hard, shook his head and gave it back to me. Before I had given him my website card he had talked about how he was a retired firefighter from Florida. He had been a firefighter for thirty years. While I was talking with him about my website another man was listening and he to seemed to not want anything to do with hearing about the Fine Tuned Universe. My point is in trying to hand out information about my website I was able to tell them that my website declares the glory of God.

Some people stumble or don't want to hear the about the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe God works in the hearts of men anytime his name is proclaimed. Yes some people seem to be in discomfort when hearing the Word of the Gospel and turn away but that is not always the end of it.

Mar 7, 2016

I visited a hardware store to get a key made and ask a question about a kitchen faucet. While in the plumbling dept I had a brief conversation with a man who said his was visiting . During the conversation I gave him a card and he informed me that he was a song writer from nashville. He said his brother had an illness and he was trying to help him fix a plumbling problem and take care of him.

As I was about to move on I told him I did not believe in coincidence and thought it was God's will I give him a card. He then told me his son had died just 3 weeks ago and that he was looking for a church to attend. It was a blessing talking with him and I will pray for Jesus to comfort him in his grief.

Mar 10, 2016

I went to a local diner for lunch and ordered a hotdog plate. While I was eating an elderly man staggered into the diner. He was mumbling and looking like he was drunk but I later realized he had a mental and physical problem.

He ordered 40 hot dogs and paid for them, them said he would be back later. He staggered out the door and across the street looking quite odd. Later he came back and ordered 30 more hot dogs and tried to give the waitress a tip 3 or 4 times.

While he was waiting for his second order he pulled out a knife from his back pocket that looked like a file down kitchen knive. He then stood at the door knife in hand mumbling and talking to himself. He even poked himself with the knive.

He looked as if he was watching for something and was waiting to defend himself.

Another customer at the store mentioned that this was the "normal" way he acted????

My thoughts were that this man had Alzheimer's because his mind was coming/going and he was talking to himself.

I also thought about the state of the man. Did he ever have the opportunity to accept God's free gift of salvation or was it to late for him because of his mental condition?

I did not bother offering him a card because I saw he did not have the facility to accept the invitation to visit my website.

When a person dies and has not been born again it is too late. When a person is alive but their mind is effectively gone it is also to late.

I was able to give a card to a man who was just outside the entrance door as I was leaving. He explained that he had just came from visiting his wife who had Alzheimer's and that the man inside the store most  likely had Alzheimer's because he was talking to himself.

Its like I told the waitress, you never know what a day may bring.

Later on in the day I went to a creation speaker meeting featuring the ceo of   I was able to speak with him about a couple of things including my website. I obtained a 3 year subscription to magazine. 

The speaker reminded me that a persons world view affects the way they think and what they believe.

If a persons world view is what they were taught in public school then most likely they believe in evolution.

A key to really understanding everything, is having a world view of the Bible that explains the origin of the universe and man's creation.

Evolution is a religion that is not based on real science but speculation about Unobserved Occurrences over billions of years.

This is what I called the magic mix of GooToYou evolution that is taught in public schools and colleges.

Don't put your trust in unobservered occurrences over billions of years but put you trust in God before its to late.

Mar 11, 2016

I ate lunch again at the same local diner where I observed the elderly man talking to himself.  I was told he went across the street into another store and was arrested because he did something he was told not to do inside the store.

I had an opportunity to talk with another person while waiting for my order. He told me that 3 weeks ago he broke his hip. He said he did not go to the doctor right away and when he did was told that the broken hip had already begun to heal and that it would continue to heal over time.

He said he had stepped on his dog's foot and as he was moving to get off the dog moved around him in such a was the dog's chain caught him and caused him to fall breaking his hip.

I told him to watch his dog and he said he would be watching his feet around the dog in the future. The dog was a rottweiler on a chain in his yard.

Dogs inside a home that elderly people own can also be an accident waiting to happen. I have heard stories about house dogs that can be a hazard also.  I gave him my card and he invited me to his church.

Mar 15, 2016

I was talking to a person while waiting in a repair shop about weight loss. While talking with him I gave him a FineTunedUniverse card about my website. He began telling me that he had been a minister for 24 yrs and how he almost died as a result 0f a 24,000 volt shock while working on a transformer.

He talked about his blog and how since his 24,000 volt shock he gained the ability to write poems and songs but was not able to edit them.

He said he published one of his songs on his blog a one day got a call from wille nelson wanting to meet him and eat a meal at cracker barrel. He met with nelson and he wanted to buy one of his songs but he told willie they were not for sale. They made a deal so that he would retain the rights to his song and willie could publish it and earn some money. Willie made a donation to his church. Since then he said he has been in contact with nelson. His blog is 

Later in the day I went to wendy's for a meal. After I had ordered my meal I noticed a plaque on the wall near the cash register that read:

John 3:16-17

3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

I told the owner of the local store that John 3:16 was my favorite Bible verse. He told me that that same plaque was in all Wendy's US stores. I gave him a FineTunedUniverse card and ask him to give the card to the owner of Wendy's. He said he would forward it as requested

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