An example of fine-tuning of the universe by GOD: If the mass and energy of the early universe were not evenly distributed to an incomprehensible precision of 1 part in 10^10^123, the universe would be hostile to life of any kind. This is an extraordinary figure. One could not possibly even write the number down in full, in our ordinary denary (power of ten) notation: it would be one followed by ten to the power of 123 successive zeros! (That is a million billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion zeros.) Visit  Fine Tuned To Learn About The Created Universe Created By GOD BY Design.

Preconceived Perceptions About Creation

The "Big Bang Theory" tells you "it" is your creator. You the creature have now "evolved" by chance/accident/mistake to the point that you realize that your creator the "Big Bang" made you.

Your creator the "Big Bang Theory' explains it was created from nothing by accident as you were. You put your trust in "Big Bang Theory" to explain how you exist but you don't know why? You think," if I was created by my creator the "Big Bang Theory" for no reason by accident I can make my own rules/morality or I don't need any rules/morality."

Trusting/believing and having "faith" in "Big Bang Theory" as your creator allows you to do whatever you want without consequences except for the fact that everything in this world has consequences. You trust in "Big Bang Theory" and believe when you die there will be no consequences of what you have done in your life.

Your whole life consisted of consequences of your actions. Why would the consequences of your death be any different just because you "life" ends? You say: "Big Bang Theory" created me and I evolved from nothing by chance so just because my life had consequences doesn't mean my death will. I am trusting in my creator "Big Bang Theory" so there won't be any consequences after my death even though my whole life consisted of consequences of my actions.

Please consider the information in the these videos that explain GOD created the universe, therefore there are consequences of what you do every day and after your death.

From galaxies and stars, down to atoms and subatomic particles, the very structure of our universe is determined by fine tuning by GOD.

The Big Bang Never Happened (Former atheist engineer, Spike Psarris, working on
military space program explains why.) Seminar by Spike Psarris Seattle Creation
Conference, June 2013. Woodin Valley Baptist Church, Bothell WA.

We're told that our Universe formed in a Big Bang event, about 14 billion years
ago. Science programs, textbooks, and other media claim that there's lots of evidence
for this. But is this true? In this presentation, we'll examine the Big Bang theory. We'll
see that it not only lacks solid evidence, it also contradicts several important laws of
science. Overall we'll see that the Big Bang is not a good scientific model. Instead,
it has all the characteristics of a religious belief system for atheists -- one that is
believed in spite of the evidence, because the alternative (Biblical Creation)
implies accountability to a Creator.

Former atheist engineer, Spike Psarris, working on military space program seminars.
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Big Bang Theory Is Science Fiction  (My Comments On The Big Bang Included.)

Evidence Of Creation     (My comments on The First Law Of Thermodynamics Included.)

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