How the secrets of the Cosmos confirm the Bible Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) shows how astronomy, when properly understood without presuppositional biases, confirms what the writers of the Bible wrote long ago -- specifically, that the Earth and Universe are only around 6,000 years old.


Dr Jason Lisle - The Physical World Obeys God's Math (Fractals) Watch this video and see that even numbers have a patterns. These patterns are interesting and infinite in nature.


Creation Astronomy - Dr. Jason Lisle on Origins Donn Chapman and Jason Lisle talk about astronomical evidence for creation and the Bible.


Dr. Jason Lisle on the Finely Tuned Universe Dr. Jason Lisle is a cosmologist researcher and speaker for the Institute for Creation Research. This interview was conducted at the International Conference on Creationism in August 2013. The primary topic is the Anthropic Principle and the evidence for creation from the finely tuned universe. The interview includes a brief discussed about the Big Bang. In addition are some interesting comments about Stephen Hawking invoking a multiverse to help explain the finely tuned universe.


The Ultimate Proof of Creation - Dr. Jason Lisle Christians can demonstrate with absolute certainty that the biblical account of creation is true. Any alternative to biblical creation is irrational, and cannot make sense of laws of logic, nor morality, nor the methods of science. This gives Christians an absolutely irrefutable argument forthe Christian faith, even if they havelittle knowledge of the sciences. Also included are practical tips on how to refute non-biblical views on origins.

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secrets of the cosmos, Secrets Of The Cosmos