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(Remember "star trek is fiction and there is no warp drive or warp factor. This calculator is like the "big bang theory", all science fiction.)

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Warp Factor Calculator is a Java Script calculator that computes speed as a function of "warp factor" in multiples of the speed of light.

The program is operated by selecting the series version using the radio buttons, entering a "warp factor" number that is greater than 0, and then pressing the Calculate button. All entries are cleared by pressing the Clear button. If the "warp factor" is too large, the output windows will display:

NaN -- Not a Number

The Star Trek universe neglects relativistic effects. (In other words it neglects the laws of Physics.) Time has the same rate for both fixed and moving objects. Science fiction allows for this but not the real world. See Warp Drive    Is ‘string’ the next big thing?

For the original Classic Star Trek series, the warp equation is generally accepted to be:

    V = C * W3
in which,
    C -- the speed of light ~3 x 108 meters per second.
    W -- the warp factor
    V -- velocity through space
For Star Trek: The Next Generation, the generally accepted warp scale has changed. Warp 10 is infinite speed that cannot be reached. Here the following is used for the warp equation:
    V = C * W3.3333 + f(W)
in which,
    f(W) = -0.5 log10(10 - W), if 9.0 < W <= 10.0
    f(W) =  0, otherwise
Not everyone will agree on this definition. However, it has the advantages of being both simple and elegent but highly non-linear. Science fiction allows for this but not the real world. See Warp Drive    Is ‘string’ the next big thing?

What is your world view? What you believe is determined by your world view.

Next Generation Warp Speed Calculator

This calculator allows you to either find the speed corresponding to a certain warp factor, or the warp factor corresponding to a certain speed. Results may vary in accuracy and are limited by the precision of your software. (Remember "star trek is fiction and there is no warp drive or warp factor. This calculator is like the "big bang theory", all science fiction.)

Warp factor :
Speed :c

To find what speed corresponds to a certain warp factor, enter the warp factor and press "Find speed." Results will be displayed in multiples of the speed of light and will always be exact.

To find what warp factor corresponds to a certain speed, enter the speed (in multiples of the speed of light) and press "Find warp." Results from this calculation may vary in accuracy due to the methods used to determine them. To check the accuracy, press "Find speed" once the warp factor has been displayed to see if the result is close to the speed you originally entered.

The calculator determines the speed according to the warp scale used in Star Trek: The Next Generation; Deep Space 9; and Voyager. Warp speeds in the original series were based on a different scale.

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The speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 m/s.

Warp factors are calculated using Newton's method with up to 20 iterations.



Evolution = Millions Of Years + Your Imagination

Warp Speed = Star Trek + Your Imagination

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