The grasp of evolution on the imagination is a key factor atheists use to deceive.

   (Millions Of Years = + Your Imagination)

Evolutionists want you to figure out the how "millions of years" created everything so they leave it up to your imagination.

Today, powerful images in school textbooks, documentaries, TV and newspaper ‘bites’ (devoid of real content), and even children’s cartoons wield a heavy influence for evolution. These influences capture the imagination as they depict evolutionary scenarios, often in a ‘soft sell’ format. While providing no substantial evidence for evolution and effectively bypassing reason and logic, they powerfully indoctrinate young and old alike. The grasp of evolution on the imagination, world-view and subsequent ethics of the culture affects individual responsiveness to the Word of God.

The evolutionary worldview has been taught in educational institutions to the exclusion of all else, increasingly so, since the 1960s. This has been reinforced by such things as nature ‘documentaries’ on television, interpretive signs at national parks, and newspaper reports of the latest ‘ape-man’. And then there are articles in women’s magazines about how bad behaviour, such as promiscuity, is due to our evolutionary ‘ape ancestry’, or how our diet should mimic some imagined primitive diet of our primate ancestors. Even sci-fi movies have evolution producing X-men and the like, or aliens having evolved ‘out there’ somewhere in the cosmos. At every turn the idea is reinforced to the point that it is now the prevailing worldview in the USA and countries that once believed the Bible’s history.

Universities have drifted more and more into secularism (God-lessness). That’s where our school teachers get their qualifications. And now we have significant and increasing numbers of high schoolers claiming to be ‘atheist’.

Even those who would not wear the label atheist still by-and-large think ‘secular’ (God-less). That is, the Bible’s historical accounts—if they know anything of them at all—are nothing but quaint myths from yesteryear. In their groupthink the reality is as they have been indoctrinated in the education system—evolution over billions of years.

The people in the United States are indoctrinated in an evolutionary worldview in the education system. They hear nothing else. They have taken on board how everything came into existence by purely natural processes over billions of years from the big bang until now. They are told there is ‘no evidence’ for divine creation and therefore no evidence for a supernatural Creator Who rules over everything and to whom we are accountable. The preaching of the Gospel that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day for our salvation (1 Cor. 15) makes absolutely no sense to such a mindset; it is “foolishness to the gentiles”.

Many people are receptive, however, when the Bible is taught from the beginning to establish God as the Creator of all first!

How can people understand their need for forgiveness, and a saviour, if they have little concept that God created them, so that they are accountable to Him? Who will judge them for their sin if there is no Creator-God to whom they will be held accountable? How can they trust the Bible on salvation if they can’t trust its history in Genesis, so foundational to the Gospel, of how sin and death entered the world? Also, if Genesis is ‘just stories’, then why not the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

You can’t preach the Gospel effectively in the context of disbelief regarding the rest of the Bible, and especially ‘Moses’ (Genesis, etc.). Therein lies the foundational knowledge of creation, rebellion (the origin of sin and death) and the need for salvation.

More pastors are realizing that dealing with evolutionary misinformation is not an optional extra, but something that must happen ‘up front’ when doing evangelism in churches.

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Creation Ministries International has a range of ministry programs designed to meet the specific needs of churches and Christian organizations. We have several internationally acclaimed and qualified Christian speakers with easy-to-listen-to communication styles. They present challenging, illustrated talks on the relevance of Genesis to the Gospel, society, evangelism and church growth.

While proclaiming and defending the Bible’s truth and authority, they show how the history it contains connects to the real world. These types of presentations are renowned for strengthening the faith of believers, as well as equipping and motivating them to reach out to others. After the presentation, the speakers are always available to answer people’s questions.

Request a a CMI presentation     Contact and request a speaker/ministry query

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Request an event speaker

Many people both young and old do not hold a Christian worldview because they have not been taught the foundational truths of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. Our dynamic speakers proclaim the truth and authority of the Bible amid growing compromise, anti-God rhetoric, and secular activism. In churches and conferences in the US and around the globe, we are committed to stand uncompromisingly on the Word of God from the very first verse and to relate the relevance of a literal Genesis to today’s world.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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By the time Dr. Henry Morris founded the Institute for Creation Research in 1970, he had already conducted an extensive speaking ministry on the topic of creation science around the country for over a decade. A gifted teacher, Dr. Morris spoke at churches and universities, scientific groups and public gatherings, all with the desire to communicate the authority and authenticity of the Word of God.

Through the decades, Dr. Morris enlisted others to join ICR's professional science staff, and many of them became widely known for both their writing and speaking. And that emphasis of communication continues now, with new faces and new voices heralding the same message: Jesus Christ is Creator and Lord.

There are numerous ways in which you can host one or more speakers from ICR:

Or, you can work with an ICR Event Planner to customize your event with one or more ICR speakers in your city. Request for Creation Speaker or Event PDF Form

NorthWest Creation Network  (

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Northwest Creation Network

A Christian ministry providing Biblically-based education in creation apologetics. The NWCN organizes numerous educational programs each year. In addition we offer seminars and classes at Christian schools, Churches, Christian teacher's conventions, and regional creationist groups.

Creation Science Education     Spike Psarris ( Speaker)

Join us for our monthly program by webcast or in person.

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Creation Study Group (

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Creation Study Group exists to provide resources that defend the historical and scientific authority of the Bible through young-earth creation, the sin of a literal Adam, and redemption through the Creator, Jesus Christ.

Our vision is for the Creation Study Group to be the “go to” organization for young-earth creation ministry and resources by partnering with and equipping the local church in Upstate South Carolina.

Creation Study Group Video Archives

The Creation Study Group (

Atheism In The Public Schools (1hr)  Creation Study Group Video    Greenville, SC

Creation in the Psalms

Please contact one or more of these Creation organizations that refute and deny evolution. These organizations explain why evolution is a lie.   Refutes, disproves, discredits, invalidates, contradicts, rebuts, opposes and denies evolution theories that claim the universe was created from nothing or that the universe has evolved over millions or billions of years.    Refutes, disproves, discredits, invalidates, contradicts, rebuts, opposes and denies evolution theories that claim the universe was created from nothing or that the universe has evolved over millions or billions of years.  and are the same website.

The Creation Answers Book

Click on book to read or click this link Creation Answer Book

20 Chapters (More than 60 of the most asked questions about Creation, evolution, and the book of Genesis answered!)

Creation Answers Book Creation Answers

(Keep in mind an evolution explanation that involves a millions or billions of years timeline left up to your imagination to examine and conclude how this happened is NOT a rational explanation at all. How can you figure out the millions or billions or years evolution timeline if evolutionist's can't and just leave that part up to your own number cruncher.)

Gen 1:1

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Some people accept evolution as fact despite the millions or billions of years explanation that is NO explanation of anything.

Gen 1:1 Explains Creation.

God created everything in six 24 hour days and rested on the 7th day.

Six 24 Hour Days Of Creation

Psalm 19:1-3

Psalm 19:1-3   19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.   19:2 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.   19:3  There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.   Refutes, disproves, discredits, invalidates, contradicts, rebuts, opposes and denies evolution theories that claim the universe was created from nothing or that the universe has evolved over millions or billions of years.    Refutes, disproves, discredits, invalidates, contradicts, rebuts, opposes and denies evolution theories that claim the universe was created from nothing or that the universe has evolved over millions or billions of years.  and are the same website.

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READ THE ONLINE BOOK (EVOLUTION IS A RELIGION)    Institute Of Creation Research (    Northwest Creation Network (

Have you ever heard of a Woodpecker Owl?   (Evolution Doublespeak Explained by webmaster.)

(INSTITUTE FOR FINE TUNED STUDY)    (No time limits, tuition cost, fees or tests.)

Fine Tuned Universe CREATED BY GOD BY Design. The Heavens Declare The Glory Of GOD.

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