The Institute For Fine Tuned Study Is a Study Of Creation  | A Foundational Doctrine


FTU (Fine Tuned Universe) enrollment information:

The Institute For Fine Tuned Universe Study has no time limits, tuition cost, fees or tests. It is an ongoing every day study in the fine tuned universe the God has created for all to observe that declares his glory.

Enrollment consists of visiting  and using the following suggested outline for course study:


FTU MODULE 1  (Approximately 10 Hours Video Study)

God Of Wonders (Movie) 1Hr 24 Min

The "Big Bang" Never Happened (Spike Psarris) 1Hr 10 Min

Young earth- Young Universe (Spike Psarris) 1Hr 7 Min

Our solar System (Evidence of Creation) (Spike Psarris) 1Hr 28 Min

Creation Astronomy (Spike Psarris) 1Hr 14 Min

Our Created Universe (Spike Psarris) 55 Min

Defeating Atheism with Science (Spike Psarris) 1Hr 18 Min

Dr. Jason Lisle | Astronomy Reveals Creation 1Hr 6 Min


FTU Module 2  (Approximately 7 Hours Video Study)

The Fine Tuning of the Universe (6 Min)

Creation Astronomy - Dr. Jason Lisle on Origins (26 Min)

Programming Of Life 1 (Origins) (44 Min)

Programming Of Life 2 (Earth) (36 Min)

Journeys to the Edge of Creation: Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 (45 Min Total)

Heaven and Earth (Fine Tuned Laws) (18 Min)

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (Part 1) (43 Min)

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made (Part 2) (43 Min)

Spike Psarris | Jupiter Destroys Evolution (13 Min)

Our Created Moon (PT 1 Of 3) (15 Min)

Our Created Moon (PT 2 Of 3) (15 Min) 

Our Created Moon (PT 3 Of 3) (15 Min)


FTU Module 3  (Approximately 3 Hours Video Study, 3 Hours Reading Study)

DNA - God's amazing programming (4 Min)

Fine Tuned Cell Universe (48 Min)

Blue Stars Confirm Recent Creation

Satan Lies About Creation

Intelligent Design 1HR

Atheist Pseudoscience 1Hr 3 Min

15 Evidences for a Young Universe   (Articles which provide 15 different evidences from astronomy that indicate the universe is young and  is approximately 6,000 years old.)


FTU Module 4  (Approximately 7 Hours Reading Study)

Evolution 101 (25 Lessons)   (Doc Or PDF)


FTU Module 5  (Approximately 12 Hours Reading Study)

The Creation Answers Book (Online Book Answering 60 Most Asked Questions About Evolution And Genesis. (


FTU Module 6  (Approximately 2 Hours Of Hands On Construction Of Ark Mailbox Project) (Simple scaled Noah's Ark mailbox plan. (120 A Scale)


Defenders Study Bible Genesis 1:1 To Revelation (Includes Strong's Lexicon For Each Verse And Bible Study Notes.)

Use the Defenders Study Bible to reference topics in FTU Modules 1,2,3 to supplement your studies.



Tuition and fees are voluntary and consist of subscribing, purchasing or donating indicated at the links below:


(1)  Acts and Facts Magazine (Free)    Donate and support scientific research and educational programs.

(2)  Purchase Spike's DVD's  (Spike Psarris website)

(3)  (How to get involved.)    Subscribe to Answers Magazine    Donate Ark Encounter

(4) Support CMI's Lessons in Creationism    Purchase (  products from catalog and store

(5) Creation Science Store (    Ministry Donation (Free DVD)    Creation Science/Apologetics

(6) 4th Day Alliance Online Store    The (  (Books)     Astronomy Tools and Equipment

(7) Browse webstore and purchase great resources from the comfort of your home.    Subscribe To Creation Magazine

Please subscribe, purchase or donate to the Creation websites listed. They have provided the (FTU) Institute study information on the web for you to learn. is a hub for creation website information on the internet. Visit the above links for more information and to increase your knowledge of the Fine Tuned Universe that God has created.

2 Tim (2:15) Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


After completion of all (6) FTU modules download your FTU Certificate HERE    (The Institute For Fine Tuned Universe Study uses the honor system and relies on you to complete all (6) FTU modules of study.)  (The Institute for Fine Tuned Universe Study is not affiliated with the creation websites mentioned in the above links.)

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Revelation 4:11

Worthy are You our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and because of Your will they existed, and were created.