While I was checking out something in a walmart I had the opportunity to give out my card about www.Gen1.org this website.

As I moved to give my card to a man who had a local college hat on he looked at my card like it was a snake or something then said, "no I don't want it." This is just after I began to talk about how evolutionists tell you about millions of years. I said, "you don't believe in that evolution nonsense do you?"  To my surprise he said, "yes I do" and then said, "just don't go there, just don't. I have a biology degree."

Evolution Exposed: Biology     (This Free online book helps teens to discern the chronic bias towards belief in evolution that permeates today's three most popular high school biology textbooks.)

So I did not get to refute his belief or faith in evolution. He did hear me say my website is  Gen1.org

His faith in evolution was because of his believe in his biology degree that must have included theories of evolution.

To him his science degree in biology was a religion but he did not say this nor probably know it as a religion. The false religion of evolution.

There are many people who will not listen to anything about Genesis and Creation as it is outlined in the Word Of God.

They are so self assured about their "science" degree that is all they need to know. They have totally put their trust in man's ability to explain what happened over millions of years just because it is suppose to be "science" that explains everything.

"Evolution science" tries to explain why the universe began and how everything evolved from nothing to the satisfaction of those who are willing to believe in GooToYou creation but "evolution science" must always add millions of years to produce what ever they have imagined.

"Evolution science" masquerades as real science.  (Operational science is real science. Observations that are tested, repeatable, falsifiable and can be proven.)

Evolutionists/atheists teach evolution as real science but evolution science always adds millions of years to explain their observations over time that were never observed and cannot be validated except in imagined evolution theories and flawed concepts of mathematical equations like the "big ban theory" etc.

("Evolution science" cannot be validated or tested because it has not been observed over millions of years! Evolutionists deceive people by telling them about rock layers etc that have been produced over millions of years but this is just a lie.)

Stephen Hawking's wife said in a book she wrote about him:  "He did not believe in God because mathematically Stephen said God not exist."

Hawkings mathematical "science" told him God did not compute so he trusts in the false concept of evolution "science" which he creates and promotes himself as reality.

Hawking's faith in evolution is because of his believe in his physics degree which is in fact his "religion".

Degrees in "science" are to evolutionists their religion. They can quote their "science" of evolution like a preacher or pastor can quote the Bible.

Their world view is based on a Godless universe that appeared suddenly and expanded from nothing!

They try to explain what they can not know through mathematics that satisfy their egos.

(Bill Rains  www.Gen1.org Webmaster)  (denying evolution)   (evolution = millions of years + your imagination)

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Bible vs. science?

Rebuilding the Foundation

by Ken Ham    Bible vs science (Credit Ken Ham)     AnswersInGenesis.org

“Bible vs. science” was the headline in a recent Canadian newspaper featuring a report about the creation/evolution controversy in public schools in America. As you read the plethora of articles that have recently appeared in newspapers, on webpages and in magazines, and as you listen to the numerous interviews on various secular radio and television programs, the creation/evolution debate is portrayed over and over again as “science vs. faith” (or “religion vs. science”). Secular reporters and evolutionists (and even evolutionist clergy) have emphasized that creation has no place in science classes, because religion has nothing to do with science.

I believe much of the church has been responsible (sometimes unwittingly) for fostering this view within the church and general public. Sadly, the majority of church leaders in America have compromised with millions of years and evolutionary ideas in geology, astronomy and biology, and thus have allowed generations of churchgoers to accept such beliefs and reject the literal history of Genesis 1–11.

Not only this, but even many theologically conservative churches have avoided dealing with the millions of years/evolutionary ideas (even though they, by and large, have accepted a literal Genesis and a six-day creation). Instead, they have mainly taught the Gospel, Christian doctrine, relationships, Christian morality, etc. Now, this is all great, of course, but too many churches have been ignoring an attack on the foundational book of the Bible, Genesis, upon which our Christian doctrine is based.

Even though the Genesis accounts of Adam and Eve and Noah’s Flood have been taught in Sunday school lessons and other places, churches have not dealt with areas like geology, biology, anthropology and so on. For instance, though the pastors and their congregations basically believe Genesis to be true, the Genesis accounts are presented as just “stories” that are not related at all to fossils, the age of the earth, dinosaurs, etc. As a result, if you asked the average churchgoer (or even Christian leader) today, “Is geology, biology, astronomy, anthropology and so on taught in your church?” the answer is usually, “no.” If you then ask, “Where do we go, then, to learn about geology, biology, astronomy and anthropology?” the answer is typically “to school.”

The account of origins in Genesis has been relegated to “religion,” but what has been taught at school concerning origins has been labeled as “science.” What has happened is that the church has handed over the teaching of geology, biology, astronomy, anthropology, etc., to the secular public school systems. Now, keep in mind that the majority of students from church homes go to public schools, where by and large they are taught that “science” has “proved” a history of the world that is millions of years old and full of evolutionary progress.

Because church leaders don’t know how to deal with millions of years and evolutionary issues (or compromise with them), they teach topics that mostly relate just to spiritual things. No wonder the world (and sadly many Christians) think the creation/evolution battle is the “Bible (or religion) vs. science.”

The Bible gives the foundation for the right approach in geology, astronomy, biology, anthropology—in fact, for all areas of reality. The church needs to take this all back (“to rebuild foundations,” as our 2005 theme declares) and teach people the true foundation of science based on the Bible. And if this is done, perhaps the public will begin to see that the battle is not “the Bible vs. science,” but actually the “Bible vs. secular beliefs.”

Evolution Exposed: Biology

Click on book to read or click this link  Evolution Exposed: Biology    AnswersInGenesis.org

10 Chapters

Secular textbooks contain implied or explicit references to evolutionary beliefs, which are misrepresented as irrefutable facts. However, in (Evolution Exposed: Biology)   these misrepresentations are cross-referenced with online articles and publications that provide both scientific and biblical answers. Key terms are defined, articles are summarized and false ideas are refuted.

Evolution Exposed: Biology Evolution Exposed: Biology



The Creation Answers Book

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20 Chapters (More than 60 of the most asked questions about Creation, evolution, and the book of Genesis answered!)

Creation Answers Book Creation Answers